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Predictive Maintenance Inspection, Inc.

Over twenty years in business providing condition monitoring services to meet our client's need and expectations. Do you know the condition of your facility, plant or home?

Services provided:

PMI, Inc. provides complete condition, diagnostic and analysis monitoring, CDAM, for industrial, commercial and residential clients.

PMI, Inc. offers infrared thermography, oil analysis, vibration analysis, ultrasonic NDE, power quality, energy management, electrical testing, project and construction management and equipment refurbishment and sales.  We serve businesses and homes in Huntsville, Madison, Scottsboro, Decatur, Birmingham and North Alabama. We work anywhere in the southeastern USA.

Condition monitoring and the services provided can accurately detect and determine problems in equipment before failure. This prevents catastrophic  failure and secondary damage to the equipment saving time and money. It also allows the ability and time to acquire replacement parts and schedule the repair or replacement at your convenience.